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Will Smart Clothing be the next big thing?

Fitness bands are going off at the moment, there is no question. At The Stylish Male, we are super excited to think about what the next 12-24 months might hold for the rapidly evolving fitness band.

But what might the landscape look like then? Will it just be fitness bands, Smart Watches and Heart Rate monitors that we are wearing, or will it be something even less obtrusive? Well if the Ralph Lauren have managed to get this one right, then the future in this niche bight be very different indeed.

Ralph Lauren have produced a shirt which has bio-sensing silver embedded within the fibers that can read certain metrics such as heart rate and breathing.  It sends those signals to a small dongle which is then available for analysis.

The Smart Shirt at this stage is still early technology, so its far too early to call them “the death of the fitness band”. The fitness band will never die, but perhaps this enhanced clothing can help to augment what the fitness bands and smart watches are collecting. If you are able to collect the same data from different sources,  its likely you’ll get a more accurate reading.

It also shoes just how much R&D companies are pumping into their health and well being divisions and the rapid rate of evolution that we are seeing in that space. There are also companies that are producing similar products using socks too. Check out Ralph Lauren’s marketing to see how they’ve pitched the Smart Shirt to the general public. Its a snazzy piece of marketing thats for sure.