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White Ribbon ultimate Beard toolkit

Its been many moons past since having a beard was associated with sailing the high seas. Hipsters everywhere have brought about a renaissance in the wiry facial growth – to the point where even elite football teams have had contests to see who could grow the biggest beard.

Important for the beard growing metrosexual male is that one doesn’t grow a beard that is rather off-putting. If the beard is not taken care of, it can get quite the evil scent which is not cool for the opposite sex.

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As a result, beard care products have boomed in recent years as men everywhere endeavour to care for their beard just as they would their head hair.

Our ridiculously responsible friends at Worthy and Spruce have a product on the market which is the ultimate in beard care. When you bill something as the “ultimate product”, then it needs to be good or your customers will soon realise that you’re just blowing smoke. So what does the ultimate beard toolkit contain?

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– Moisturiser. A good beard needs to sit on good skin. A good moisturiser is something that every Australian man needs. Exposure to the sun and air-conditioning make this a given. Tick

– Beard Oil. Beards oil is like the conditioner for the beard. It helps to revitalise and regenerate. Original Beard Oil is the oil of choice in this case and it carries with it quite a solid reputation as a high quality beard oil.

– Pear Wood comb. Obvious. Funky.

– Beard Balm. Beard balm is an essential product for your daily mane manicuring protocols. Stopping fly-away hairs is ever important for your social interactions and the Original Beard Balm again does a stellar job at this.

Mo-Wax. To complete the deal, the lads have added one big fat stick of Milkman’s Mo Wax. Mo wax allows a chap to do things with his Mo that would otherwise be unheard of.

Those essential elements give a man no reason to fall short when it comes to beard maintenance. Women around the world will tell you that one of the most off-putting things for them is a man that doesn’t care for his appearance. Your body is your temple and if you can’t look after that, then how are you going to look after your lady?

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Personal presentation is a choice, but when you choose to grow a beard then you accept the fact that there is a bit of extra work to do in order to look your best.

Worthy and Spruce have indeed done some of the heavy lifting for you, combining some high quality products together into one nice and neat retail box making beard maintenance as easy as it can be.

the good folk at Worthy and Spruce are lovely chaps, and we like the way they are motivated by good stuff like domestic harmony, not just profit. The White Ribbon movement is all about raising awareness and making men take responsibility for a womans safety. What a noble cause. Check their store out today!