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Where to use your Slyde Handboard in Oz

5 Best Bodysurfing Breaks on The East Coast of Australia


The Gold Coast is know for it’s pristine coastline, 1st class waves, and superior swell.

Slyde Hardboards team rider & Kooky mate Daniel Carr aka @captain_kookman dials us into the best breaks on the Eastern Oz Coastline.


This bucket-list of bodysurfing barrels, will keep you getting you shacked, smiling, and begging for more.


  1. Flat Rock – Newcastle (New South Wales)

Flatrock is a right-hander reef break that works on all tides, but is best during hightide south-east to east swell. If it’s any more to the north it barrels, too fast for bodysurfers and is prone to closeouts. Holds up to 6ft nicely, any bigger it closes out.


Newcastle is home to the annual Flat Rock Bodysurfing Invitational, the only bodysurfing contest to be held on a reef break.


  1. Narrabeen (New South Wales)

Narrabeen is a long beach with North, South and Middle breaks, there are many shifting sand banks offering both lefts and rights.


Best conditions on any tide and North East to South East swell with North West to South West winds. Holds big surf well and also fun on those small summer days.


  1. Treachery Beach (Seals Rock – New South Wales)

Great camping spot and an awesome clean beach, once you trek over the large vegetated sand dune between the camping grounds and beach. It scores some greats waves and has really clean waves and conditions. Just watch out for the goannas raiding your esky/cooler.

  1. North Entrance Beach (New South Wales)

@captain_kookman’s personal favorite break. (Warning do not snake his wave or drop in on him)


North Entrance Beach is my usual spot for dawn patrol. It’s a long stretch of beach that has lots of access points and banks which catch a few swell directions from The Channel in the south all the north to Pelos.


  1. Rainbow Bay (Queensland)

Rainbow Bay is a bay, beach and locality at the southern end of Coolangatta within the City of Gold Coast, Queensland, renowned WSL spot of Snapper Rocks, where the long lines attract some great swell, but also a large crowds.


Now that you have the 411 on bodysurfing scene in Eastern Australia what break will you be hitting up 1st? I’m feeling Treachery Beach to shred with those goannas creatures!