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Table Tennis X Soccer = TEQBALL!

If you haven’t heard about the big craze that is Teqball, well you’re not alone. Teqball is a new sport gaining notoriety all around the world – mainly due to the high profile players involved.  So what is Teqball?

Teqball is a new sport that combines soccer with a table tennis type gameplay. There is a new equipment which is a “table” called a Teqboard. Teqball has developed into a highly technical precision sport which is providing a controlled atmosphere to improve soccer skill and precision.


A Teqboard is similar to a table tennis table but has a distinct curvature

Teqball is billed as a “pure technical” sport. There is no physical contact between players and many of the variables have been removed (such as weather conditions, pitch bumps and ditches etc)

One of the great benefits that proponents of the sport suggest is the ability for players to strictly measure their skill in a scientific manner. Until now, you could say “That Eric Cantona is really skillful.” But how do you measure it? Its quite a subjective thing – but now it can be in a methodical way. Players, as a general rule, that can win at teqball, or be engaged in longer rallies, will tend to have a better level of skill than the player who cannot maintain a rally

The above video displays the incredible skill level that can be obtained and honed on the Teqboard.

Teqball is not a competitor to soccer, it is designed to be a supportive tool Think of it like rock climbing. Its like what the indoor gym is to the outdoor route.

Check out the below video which discusses the benefits and mechanisms associated with the sport