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Steinhart’s recently released Military 42 and Military 42 Black, like so many of Steinhart’s recent offerings – hark back to times many years gone by. The Military 42, as one would expect, has its roots in World War 2. The overall appearance of the watch is quite simplistic with a unique twist – the second dial.

From the start, the 2 new Military 42 watches LOOK like Steinhart watches. There is a certain obvious quality that comes with Steinhart Watches. From owning several over the years, I’m yet to have one bust on me, they’re still going as strong today as they were the day they bought them.  This iteration has two distinct colours, a matt black colour or a brushed stainless steel colour. Its great that there are two releases because they’re very different given the stark contrast between steel or matt black.

One of the very first things you’ll notice about the Military 42 watches is the dark brown “Russian” leather straps. The 22mm strap embraces the retro feel, with a nice, scuffed look that by design has a robust, if not imperfect look to it. It looks like it belongs back in the war! I actually quite like it. I think quite a few people might swap this out for a Nato strap, which will look cool, but this isn’t a hack of a band, far from it, it adds to the charm of the watch.

Quite unique to the watch is the way they’ve added the second hand on a separate dial at the 6 position. its a red subsidiary dial. For the purpose of practicality I really don’t see the point but it certainly gives it a military appearance. I do like the crosshair arrangement. But I think this might actually deter some people who will think its superfluous to the product.

The 42mm case is pretty stock standard for Steinhart, both of my previous watches from this manufacturer are 42mm so its a size they believe works well for them. I think they have the geometry of it right, the lugs are well positioned so it sits on my wrist properly, but obviously everyone has different wrists. But if you know a 42 works fine for you, the risk is remote, its a pretty standard kind of size.

Both watches are only water resistant which is a bit of a surprise. No swimming or showering is quite a bit of a disappointment I think. If you are going to pony up for over 400 Euro, you’d expect a watch to be water proof.

Lume is a “white supernova bgw9” on the stainless version which comes out a very pale blue and looks great with a full charge against it. I think its one of Steinharts better Lume’s actually.  On the black, they use “old radium” which, for example is used on the Ocean Vintage Military.

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