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Ringer T-Shirt

The Ringer T-Shirt is one of those items of clothing, like a pair of good demin jeans, that just never ever goes out of fashion. There is always a place for the Ringer T-Shirt in any Stylish Male’s wardrobe.

Mens T-ShirtThe Ringer T is a throw back to the 70’s, when showing skinny guns was all the rage. Olivia Newton John would have been all over the blokes in the ringer back then, no question about it.

Whats great about the ringer T is that it is so versatile. No matter your physique, you can get away with looking stylish. Walk down the street and you’ll see hipsters of all ages donning this piece – age is no barrier.

Ringer T

It is no accident that big companies such as Adidas, American Apparel and CK continue to produce this style of T-Shirt. Thats because it sells. And it sells because it looks good.

The Stylish Male should always ensure he has at least a few Ringer T’s in his wardrobe. If you’ve got the guns to show, you’ll probably want a whole bunch. Slightly shorter of sleeve, they hug the shoulders nicely and show a good, full bicep.

Made in more colours than you can poke a stick at, you’ll be sure to find a style online that will suit your individual needs.