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RC mini helicopter – 3 channel

Check out this awesome mini RC helicopter. We’ve seen the remote control helicopter really come of age in recent years. The kits have come down massively in price and performance has been on the rise in terms of reliability and all important battery life.

This gnarly little mini chopper comes in with blades at a tiny 3 1/2 inch diameter. As you can see in the image, it takes up only about half of your hand, so its really discreet. Serious care is needed with this thing if you’re using it indoors so you dont take someones eye out. Outdoors use needs to be in still conditions give the small rotor size.


With built in gyro’s and multi horizontal rotor, stability is quite amazing.  It has a 3 channel infa red remote, giving up down forward back and side to side motion.  This RC helicopter makes a great gift, but supervision is definately required for children. It can be bought for only $39.95 from batchelorpadgadgets