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Printing from your mobile phone? Here is “SnapJet”

The technological age of the 2000 era has made so much cool stuff accessible to the common man. Information and communications have never been easier. An easily overlooked improvement in our lives is how much easier it is to take amazing photos in the modern age. Living in a world of instant gratification also means we like to see the fruits of our action right away. Thats where the Snapjet phone printer comes in.

Snapjet is a mobile printing station geared for your mobile phones. It harks back to an era where the enormous polaroid camera could spit out instant photos.  The team building the product market it as “A high quality open-source photo printer that seamlessly interfaces with smartphones. No wires. No apps. Just beautiful images.”

Snapjet also works with any smartphone which really adds to its stock given the propensity to change between iOS and Android from contract to contract.

The unique optical replication system also allows you to perfectly replicate the photo which you are trying to print. The technology used by the snap jet team is really quite remarkable – combining old school analogue technology with fibre optic technology. You can read more about it on the Kickstarter site.

The product is set to be delivered late 2015 and at an approximate price of $130 USD, its a pretty sweet deal. Its a high quality, portable printing device that would be awesome for parties or if you live in a remote location and getting photo’s printed is a pain in the ass.

If portable printing is important to you, then this is a really good product to have in your inventory. Check out the marketing vid below for more info!