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PAFC Radio

Recently, The Stylish Male became aware of a movement by a small group of loyal – and powerful Port Adelaide fans, to have a significant  say in how their club is portrayed in the media. Much maligned by the local media, the average Port fan has ironically had to look interstate for unbiased print.  Frustratingly, the average Port fan has not wanted anything other than fair and equal representation, so Rick Niewenhoven has decided to take the matter into his own hands. TSM loves a novel, outside the box idea, and PAFCradio is exactly that!


TSM – So Rick can you tell us a little bit about Port Radio – what exactly is it?


Rick Nieuwenhoven – Hi Nick. Port Radio is all about the fans and fan interaction. It’s a station dedicated to AFL and it’s primary focus is the Port Adelaide Football Club. The fans will be able to interact by tweeting PAFCradio, facebook comment at PAFCradio or via skype. The webpage is www.pafcradio.com.au, I’m hoping draft release will be ready this Friday for the fans! There will be an upload section for photo’s so fans can share their game day experience and I hope it will be a conduit of information. We currently have forums such as bigfooty, many facebook pages supporting Port, plus the PAFC website itself, pafcradio will be promoting those sites in complimenting the service will we will provide.

Port Adelaide radio

TSM – So Rick can you tell us a little bit about why you’ve started PAFCradio?

RN – I started PAFCradio for the same reason I gave the podcast a bit of a kick start. The fans (myself included) feel disenfranchised with the media over Port content, it’s heavily biased away from our club and I was feeling devoid on independent comment. So PAFCradio is an extension of the podcast, making it accessible and increasingly interactive for fans, so the experience should continue to grow.


TSM – So how do the fans get involved with PAFCradio?

RN – Pretty easy Nick, the fan can listen live by going to PAFCradio, press the play now widget and if there is a live show it will stream straight away. If you want to call in once the function is ready, all you need to do is send pafcradio a friend request, be online and send a message, easy as that. If you are shy we will have the twitter feed and facebook comments to see messages and answer also. If they can’t make the live show it will be available for download on the site and normal sources such as itunes and you tube.


TSM – Is there opportunity for the average fan to contribute to Port radio?

RN – This is for the fans Nick so they can contribute as much as they like. In an ideal world I’m hoping to have 24/7 live Port radio, this will obviously take time. So outside of the interacting, fans can be guests for shows, look at hosting their own show. I’d suggest the guest pathway would be best. It takes alot of work, they will need some techincal skills as they will need to be producers in a way also and have a clear vision. I’m hoping we get plenty of support and usage  to really take this station to where it belongs.


TSM -What is the ultimate goal of Port Radio?

RN – How long is a piece of string? Firstly I’d hope we can have 6 shows a day, potential for live commentary during games and if we get enough numbers we could look for AFL accreditation for match day. Obviously this is longer term projections but who knows. We have the most loyal and passionate supporters in Australia and would match any code I would suspect. So if we get great volume and interaction, maybe the 24/7 radio dream will be possible.


TSM – How do you think Port Radio will evolve over time?

RN – All I can ask is take advantage of what I’m trying to create. Hopefully this will be a platform for people to interact deeply with it’s club. You will need to remember it’s rated PG so no swearing and behave 🙂 It’s an exciting time. A mailing list will be available soon, so watch out for that and subscribe to get up to date show schedules.


Well done Rick for having such amazing passion for the club you love! TSM wishes you all the very best with PAFCradio and we will tune in from time to time for some encouragement!