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ONA Brixton Messenger bag

ONA just don’t know how to make a crappy bag. That is a certainty! This particular bag is medium in size, and is in fact a brilliant size to be on the road with. It has a style and elegance that is really unsurpassed in this particular market. TSM explains.

The Brixton messenger bag is – (strangely enough) designed to hold a DSLR, up to 3 lenses, a 13″ laptop and an assortment of accessories. There is also a rear pocket that can handle a tablet or workbook.

Brixton Dark Truffle

The dark truffle version

The first and most obvious feature of this legendary bag is just how elegant and bold it is in appearance. It really is a cut above the rest. The workmanship and attention to detail is stands out at first glance. The Brixton comes in 5 different colours (Cognac, Dark Truffle, Smoke, Black and Tan). It has exterior measurements of 12.5″ x 10.5″ x 5D so it is a good size without being too small. Again, its not massive, but not so small that you will really want for more.

The style of this bag is just amazing. It has a bit of a boxish look, so unlike some other bags which also utilise leather and canvas, the Brixton will actually sit flat on its base. That is incredibly important when you are packing good glass. If you (like we all do) put the bag down too quickly to get a good shot and dont shut the bag, this is a good first defence against the glass falling out. The leather is very thick and durable, so it does offer good protection from bumps and knocks. The leather is weatherproof and the straps close together nicely to give nice closure on the bag.

Brixton Tan

Great straps, great buckles. The Brixton is a winner

The colour schemes just ooze class, with deep earthy tones being the theme for both bag and straps. Full grain leather and waxed, water resistant canvas are used to perfection. I think that’s what sets ONA bags aside from the rest. The attention to detail in the appearance. Not only do you NOT wish for anything with regards to the core design on the bag, but so much thought goes into how the bag looks – it truly is a thing of beauty!

When opening up the Brixton, you’ll see that, as expected, the bag is completely customizable to suit your needs.  There are removable deviders that can be moved internally or taken out to modify your bag to suit your kit at the time. Nothing particularly unique here – this is a basic requirement. For me, I always start with my best zoom, take a prime and my SB-700 flash. I also have a Fuji x100S which I know whack in there – and it all fits. Its probably not going to work too well for you if you have a battery grip though.

Brixton inside

You shouldn’t really want for more with the Brixton, it is just superb

If you’ve read this far, you are no doubt either obsessed with The Stylish Male, or in love with the ONA Brixton. Assuming its the later, you are clearly a Stylish Male anyway. We believe that you cant go wrong with any ONA bag really, its really just a question of fit for purpose. If you are going to carry a full frame and some massive lenses, yeah nah probably not for you. If you want a medium bag for a medium kit or some urban shooting, then spend a few extra dollars and go the Brixton. You absolutely wont be disappointed.