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Nutri Ninja Slim smoothie maker

For some time I’d known that I wasn’t getting anywhere near enough vitamins and minerals into my diet. I was consuming way to much crap food, not sleeping enough, and not getting enough fibre. The net result was that I’d been feeling super drained and knackered throughout the working day, and as soon as I was getting home all I wanted to do was sleep! Not my favourite way to life quite frankly.

The Nutri Bullet advert came on TV one night and the marketing was certainly very good! But it was clear that it was overpriced for what it was. So I thought there must be a similar product out there for significantly less.

The next day i did some research on the internet and found the Ninja Slim so I went and checked it out at Big W. From looking at it instantly I could see that it was 100W more powerful than the Nutri Bullet and less than half the price. The reviews online were pretty good so I bought it.

I’d also hit up google for some smoothie recipes and found a couple that I wanted to try. So I bought those ingredients whilst I was at the shop as well.

Ninja Slim

Once I got the Nutri Ninja home, unpacked it, washed it and used it, I must say I was absolutely stoked with the outcome. Its powerful, it is easy to use, and it produces amazing smoothies. The 700W motor handles nuts and ice with no problems. In fact I frequently use frozen passionfruit in ice trays and it has no problem with the large chunks of ice. Its not particularly noisy (although that is relative to the user and quite subjective).

It comes with 2 cups which are 440ml, too small to feed 2 people so really its one smoothie per person.

The consistency of the smoothies it produces are top notch. I’ve used juicers in the past but I’ll be relegating my juicer for now because the smoothies produce the same flavoured product but you get all the fibre with it aswell. Some people say that smoothies are too thick but all you need to do is add a bit of water and it thins it out no problem.

Overall I’m absolutely stoked I bought the Nutri Ninja. For $89 from Big W its a very good investment in your health as you can get a massive boost of high quality foods that you might not necessarily eat. In fact, Below is a list of foods that I was eating less than once per fortnight, and am now having at least 3 times per week. It shows what an impact the Nutri Ninja has had on my diet. I think you’ll agree its quite an impressive list!






baby Spinach





dark chocolate

peanut butter

red onion

red cabbage



Purchases like this are an investment in your health. Remember, like exercise, diet is a proven preventative measure against all number of degenerative diseases, so it needs to be taken seriously!