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Model of the month – Tayla

Tayla is not a trained model but a gymnast. She is a stunning person inside and out, is very photogenic and just a great person to work with.  We asked Tayla what makes a stylish male, scroll down to see her thoughts!








What attributes do you think makes a stylish male?

I believe a stylish male is simply a male who takes pride in their appearance and always looks neat.

What would be your biggest turn off in a man?

I would have to say the biggest turn off in a male is a male who doesn’t take care of their health. I have always been one for health and fitness, so personally for me that’s important.


What’s one thing a guy can do to easily improve his style?

 Confidence! Confidence can definitely show through what someone wears and how their wear it. It’s amazing how simply confidence can change a persons style and appearance.


What is the first item of clothing that stands out to you on a man?

The first item of clothing I notice on a man, would have to be their shirt and if it brings out their eyes. Bigger sucker for eyes.