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Model of the month – Kali, December

Kali was the first professional model Jim worked with a few years back now. Although it has been a while, they have plans to shoot together again when the chance arises. Jim consider her a great friend of not just himself but his family too. Their past shoots are always fun and quirky, and never a dull moment…But on the other hand, she remains the consummate professional whilst on task…And she is not just a gorgeous person and model, but a networking and business dynamo. We hope you enjoy some of the work they have done together! Check out our dialogue with Kali below – she has some great tips for men, which we completely agree with – Thanks Kali!!!!

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What do you think makes a stylish male?

If you want to be at all acknowledged, your hair needs to be as kept as your suits!


What guy for you epitomizes great style? And Why?

A truly stylish man is stylish all the time. I have a friend who is always just about flawless…. From the creams he uses on his face morning and night and the botox to keep his forehead wrinkle free to his diet and fitness. How this guy projects from the inside out is the key to oozing irresistible style. Etiquette, vocabulary used whilst being able to hold an intelligent conversation and, of course, wardrobe. Some of the coolest, most stylish guys I have known, make a brown paper bag look trendy, just because they have soul style from the core.


What would be your biggest turn off in a man?



What’s one thing a guy can do to easily improve his style?

Nothing adds a stylish notch in the belt like a strong dose of confidence!


What is the first item of clothing that stands out to you on a man?

His shoes.


Why you like shooting with Jim as your photographer…

Why do I like shooting with Verbz?…. Besides the fact I consider Jim and his lovely family to be friends of mine now, we always have a good laugh and fun on shoot. Jim has so much passion for executing the perfect picture and is impeccably well mannered and professional.


Couple of lines about yourself and your projects!


Aside from the entertainment industry, my background is in Network Marketing, My business has a core focus on stem cell technology, both topical and ingest able anti ageing products. Guys, now it’s all about the prevention of ageing. We have a world first product that reverses your internal biological ageing clock. This kind of nutrition occurs by working at a cellular level, and is known as nutrigenomix. I can never stress enough to the men in my life how important it is to have an excellent skin care routine. Using adult human stem cell derived skin care products which contain key skin youth enhancement renewal ingredients, like human growth factor are hot right now. Your skin care routine works synergistically with the ingestible vitamins you will need to order now also. See the link below to order now and for direct distribution contact details. The most incredible part of my business is hearing the life changing testimonials from clients and my dedicated team.

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