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MERKUR SOLINGEN – 34C Double sided razor

Shaving in style with the Merkur Solingen 34C

Shaving is typically one of those chores that men resign themselves to as just one of those things we have to do. Well we’ve found a way to put a bit of enjoyment into this manly obligation – enter the Merkur Solingen 34C Heavy Duty, double edged blade.

Up until quite recently I would use a Gillette Mach 3 razor. Unfortunately I would suffer godawful abrasions and ingrown hairs on my neck particularly around my adams apple. Fortunately however, I happened across the 34C, which – without overly exaggerating – has greatly enhanced the appearance of my skin out of sight.

merkur mens bladeI was initially hesitant about using a double edged razor, but like rappelling for the first time, I just made myself do it! And I’m glad I did, I proceeded to give myself the best shave I’d ever had. It took me a few moments to work out a rhythm with it, but once I did, it was no more difficult than a cartridge razor. I might add that I have no intention of ever using a cartridge razor again. After the initial outlay, the 34C is cheaper per shave, and produces far superior results.

The 34C has a handle that is around the approximate length of a cartridge razor, but is nice and thick, which eases the transition.  Its finished in a stylish chrome which really pops in the bathroom.


The Merkur Solingen 34C isnt likely to make shaving “fun”, but for us its certainly kicked the enjoyment level up a notch. We think it will for you too. We like to buy our razor products in Australia from Menz Biz, who have always given competitive prices and outstanding service.  Check out their fantastic, informative clip below which is great if your still using a cartridge razor.