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Mark Ecko Blue

One of those amazing perfumes that you’d buy at twice the price. Mark Echo’s Blue is a superb fragrance that will have you smelling top notch for hours.  Like all fragrances, some men will find that it doesn’t last more than an hour or so and could potentially require a re-application. That’s why we recommend the tiny travel vials with a bit in that.

The product comes in a pretty cool bottle and is very well priced.  Its always quite hard to describe smells because its quite subjective. However if I were to describe this scent it would be “clean, and fresh, like stepping out from a scented waterfall!”

I wouldn’t recommend it as a fragrance for the nightclubs, because you’re likely to be overpowered by stronger fragrances. Mark Echo Blue is definitely a scent for more intimate occasions such as dates or romantic evenings.

Its a favorable smell with the ladies. Its a great one to put on if you’ve just stepped out of the shower and you want that to translate into the anti sloth vibe. A few of us have found that, generally, it lasts a few hours before fading. I don’t get a full day out of this fragrance, but it’s solid – lasting longer than some, less than other fragrance. So I’d say it’s longevity is moderate.

Whilst certainly not as bold as some of the  other fragrances we wear, it no doubt has its place and is an absolute must because of its refreshing and very pleasant fresh smell.