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Kyra Wennersten – Brad Olson Photography

The editors at The Stylish Male are blessed that sometimes we get to meet and work with world class talent from all walks of life. And even better, we get to expose our readers to many of these incredibly talented individuals.

One such individual is Photographer Brad Olson. Brad is an incredibly gifted photographer from Phoenix, Arizona. We’ve also included a small Q&A with Brad. We are proud to show you some of his shots, with model Kyra Wennersten. Full credits below.






Model: Kyra Wennersten – FORD Robert Black Agency

Makeup and hair: Morgan Teresa
Photos: Brad Olson

To connect with Brad, he can be contacted at www.bradolsonphotography.com


Which was your first camera? What is your primary camera and favorite lens now? My first camera was a Nikon 35mm SLR film camera. I primarily shoot a Nikon D810 today and my favorite lens is the Nikkor 85mm f/1.4G. I also use 50mm and 35mm prime lenses.


What made you chose Photography as your profession? I bought a DSLR camera before a vacation and it quickly turned into a hobby and that turned into a passion. I combined that with my need to eat and it seemed an obvious choice! I think that if you can make a living doing something for which you have a strong passion, it is the ideal career.

Do you prefer strobes or natural light? I use both, but prefer natural light. There can be such a beautiful quality to natural light that is impossible to duplicate in a studio situation.


What’s the one thing you wish you had more of? Time! I definitely wish that I had more time.


How do you select a location for a shoot? When shooting in studio, how do you approach it differently? I like to find a location that compliments the concept and subject, hopefully something unique, ideally with beautiful light. Once the location is selected, I will vary the framing to find the best composition that I can create. As the light changes, I will continue to adjust and look for new opportunities.

For me, studio sessions are typically either for beauty or to show clothing in front of a seamless background. Since you can control and manage the light and your background, once those are set as you prefer, attention can shift to the subject.


Any photographer whose work you admire from the field of fashion? So many! Obviously Steven Meisel, also David Benoliel, Laura Jade and Russel James are a few that come to mind.


What is your favorite type of shoot? Fashion editorials. The story possibilities really appeal to my creative side and I enjoy working with a full team.


What defines the decisive moment of your photographs? It’s that instant when everything comes together with the right pose, compelling expression, beautiful light and composition. The challenge of course is to recognize it through the viewfinder and capture it before the moment is gone.


What do you do on your down time? I enjoy playing the guitar and traveling with my wife.


How important of a role does post production play in your work? I think there is a standard that includes proper skin retouching and general clean up that are critical for all quality images. Beyond that, I don’t usually do a lot of special effect style editing or image compositing.


What would you say is the most important skill set for a photographer to have?

Developing a critical eye and using that to continually refine and improve your technique.


Any general suggestions/advice for new amateur photographers who are learning portrait/ fashion photography? Study the top professionals work and assist local professionals, if possible. Network with fashion designers, stylists, hair and makeup artists. Seek feedback or critiques from working professionals and continue to refine your taste and sense of style.