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Kaenon Gold Coast collection

Californian based sunglass manufacturer Kaenon (pronounced KAY-nun) have recently announced the introduction of their new “Gold Coast Collection”.  The Gold Coast collection is a capsule collection comprising just a few of Kaenon’s most popular sunglasses, including Pintail, Clarke, Lewi and Jetty. The new additions feature a dark brown frame with the SR-91 brown B12 lens which has a subtle gold mirror flash.

Kaenon co-founder Steve Rosenberg says “The Gold Coast Collection is inspired by the way we live. When we assign colors and finishing treatments to our frames, we look for inspiration. In this case, it came from the evening glass off. The Gold Coast Collection embodies the setting sun and color explosion on the water and in the sky that typifies an evening surf session and that experience felt when those magical colors meet up with the dark, textured sand. This color combination was inspired by those peaceful, memorable moments during that golden hour on the coast.”

kaenon gold coast

Further enhancing the Gold Coast Collection experience, Kaenon has created unique packaging that reinforces the brand’s position towards unique, quality construction and aesthetics, rooted in lifestyle and functionality.

Along with a Kaenon branded hard case, each sunglass comes with a custom designed sublimated microfiber bag exclusive to the Gold Coast Collection that doubles as a storage pouch and cleaning cloth.

As a long term user of Kaenon sunglasses, I can testify to the quality of the product. The main sunglasses I’ve used over the last 10 years have been Oakley, Serengeti, Maui Jim and Kaenon. Of those, I find Kaenon and Maui Jim to be the most superior for optical quality which is the number 1 priority.

I like the Kaenon Beacon frame because it fits firmly against my head and makes it less likely that I will lose them where losing sunglasses would be a critical incident – such as in the Alpine. I’ve also dropped Maui’s and cracked the glass lens, but i’ve dropped the Kaenon’s a bunch of times and have never broken the SR-91 lens, so I’m inclined to believe the marketing hype about that being an incredibly tough lens material.

Kaenon beacon

Wearing Kaenon Beacon G12’s in the New Zealand alpine where clarity of vision can be life or death

Alpha RIngs is currently Australia’s stockist for Kaenon sunglasses.