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Hemingway Oxford shirt in Yellow

Reviewing a yellow shirt? What an odd choice and not necessarily the most stylish at that. But summer is just on the other side of the fallen magnolia petals behind your house, and  it won’t be long before we are collar deep into the heat and humidity in the northern parts of the continent. The thought of buttoning up a shirt and knotting a tie in mid-July alone makes you sweat.

Somebody must have come up with a way to stay cool, dry, fashionable and event-appropriate even during the dog days of summer.


Mizzen+Main has answered the call with their version of the button-down oxford. From both near and far it looks like any other oxford shirt. However, it is made a of tech fabric that wicks away moisture while hiding sweat marks. It breaths easier than other shirts to keep you cool. It doesn’t need to be ironed or dry cleaned, and stays wrinkle free all day. Simply wash it, hang it to dry and it’s ready to go.

The shirt comes in “Hemingway” yellow, “Frost” light blue, “Twain” grey, and “Salinger” blue. At $125, you’ll pay for the performance of your new oxford shirt, but you won’t mind at all when you are cool as October frost on the last day of work before the Fourth of July.


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