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Gold plated bike

Some things in life are such a picture of excess and bloat that they might cause considerable disgust to the common man. I think this product has the potential to make me feel this way! Whilst I saved for my Wabi Classic, some clown will have this obscene piece in his pool room.

gold chain stay and crank

Anyway Goldgenie have created this rather expensive bike which I would suggest is for looks only. I couldn’t expect someone would ride a gold plated road bike to the local supermarket!

These guys have gold plated the entire bike, apart from a few minor areas which they’ve left black to create some contrasting features. Its crazy the lengths these guys have gone to. Brakes, chain, drop bars, gearing, spokes, hubs – its all gold.  At just under half a million Aussies, it is certainly a toy for the man that has everything!

The owner might have a half million dollar bike but I bet mine’s lighter.