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Get to know your Fabrics 101 – Twill Weave Shirts

Let’s start from the beginning….

What is a weave?

A fabric is created when threads of cotton called warp and weft come together. Different weaves create different properties in the fabric and are worn for different occasions and also for different seasons.

The plain weave is one of the most basic weaves, comprising of an over and under pattern. Variants of these weaves comprise of fil à fil, also known as end-on-end., voile, oxford and twill.

Twill is usually one of the oldest and most favoured fabric weave owing to its tight structure, durability and higher yarn count. The thread has a weft which runs over and under several

warp threads, thus creating interesting patterns like denim, flannel, houndstooth, cavalry, gabardine, herringbone etc.

Given the fact that they tend to be a lot thicker and durable it’s perfect for autumn and winter. They also tend to carry a light sheen.

Flannel is soft and less shiny, which is a perfect dress shirt for very casual occasions, while denim is rugged and sturdy thus making it a great option for a jacket and over shirt. Given its luxurious feel and sheen, they make for great formal dress shirts with the added benefit of being more resistant to wrinkling.

A herringbone variant of twill is perfect if you’re looking for a dressy shirt but minus a jacket. Its sheen, soft drape, durability, elegance making it a perfect choice.

Twills make for a variety of usage depending on the patterns, from an everyday shirt to a shirt for business, travel & leisure to a very formal do.