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George and King

In recent years there has been a flood of mens formal and semi-formal attire covering a wide spectrum of prices and quality. This has been an incredible boon for the wanna be Stylish Male who doesn’t want to break the budget when buying his next shirt, suit or pants.

The Stylish Male is always a fan of getting a great quality product at an affordable price. Its not necessary to pay through the roof for a high end brand name when you can get the same quality or better at a much lower price.

Enter George and King. The Stylish Male recently had the opportunity to visit the Sydney showroom and speak to Co-owner Joel Deakin. Joel showed me a selection of the G&K suits, in a range of colours and a range of patterns. To be quite honest I was blown away. At the price point G&K are offering their suits for, its astounding how good these suits are. 100% wool, a lovely weight and floor less stitching, these suits are the real deal. Super 120’s means a luxurious product that isn’t going to fall apart on you with normal use.

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I was fortunate to be able to spend some time, so we asked him a few questions about the business and the product.

TSM – Hey Joel, can you tell us a little bit about the business, George and King?

JD – George & King is Australia’s premier online retailer of made-to-measure & bespoke custom suits and shirts for men. With an innovative online approach, and a disruptive ‘social-selling’ sales model. George & King aims to transform the way men shop for suits and shirts.


TSM – What was the inspiration for G&K?

JD – If we’re being honest, we didn’t start this business just because we loved fashion. We started it because we hated shopping.

Our story started in an office at George & King Streets, Sydney, with a very well dressed colleague back at work from his overseas holidays.

Sam was wearing a superb jacket and well-fitted shirt. It isn’t often male colleagues will compliment another’s wardrobe, but they did so on this occasion. A conversation with Sam about his new wardrobe swiftly evolved into complaints from others present about the difficulties in finding quality suits and shirts that fit – while remaining reasonably priced. Rather than complaining, the three of us – Sam, Joel and Sze – at that moment, decided to do something about it.

After canvassing friends and family, we quickly confirmed what should be the fundamental principle of our business: “to offer quality suits, which fit well, at a good price”.

Sam quickly built on relationships he had previously established with several tailors overseas. Coupled with Joel’s expertise in web development and marketing, and Sze’s commercial management experience, the George & King team set about developing this new business.

Custom tailored clothing is often thought of as a luxury that few can afford. So a lot of men settle for suits bought “off-the-rack” and end up paying top dollar for suits that don’t quite fit. We believe George & King represents the dawn of a new age for menswear in Australia and beyond.


TSM – What is the main demographic that G&K works with?

JD – Men 24-55 — professionals and trend-setters. Fashion forward and practical dressers. We cater for a wide range of customers.


TSM – Why would someone choose a G&K suit over the competition?

JD –  It’s no secret that a lot of men simply don’t enjoy shopping and find the process intimidating. We believe that every man deserves suits and shirts that fit perfectly. However, most settle for buying“off-the-rack” as the general perception is that custom clothing is expensive. Or, while holidaying in Asia, attempt to navigate myriad street tailors and end up taking a gamble on quality, reputation and price in doing so.

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George & King solves these problems in 3 ways:

Our Model is Unique | We’re taking the successes of established social-selling companies and applying the same principles to men’s fashion in Australia. And it’s working. Since launching in May, 2014 our sales force continues to grow rapidly, and our customers love the convenience of our home-delivered shopping experience.

The Quality is Exceptional | European fabrics, masterfully crafted by tailors with decades of experience, underpinned by a state-of-the art technology that ensures our customers get the same perfect fit every time they order.

We’re Multi-Channel | Without the overheads of a bricks & mortar retailer, we’re able to offer quality custom clothing from master tailors in Hong Kong, at prices below most off-the-rack options.


TSM – What has been the biggest challenge for the business so far?

JD – Growing pains really hurt – It’s a weird feeling wishing that the orders would slow down just so you can catch up! Sometimes you wish you could just pause time for a few months while you get everything organised. You end up making so many decisions on the fly that sometimes the business seems to have a mind of it’s own; dictating where you will be spending your time.


TSM – Where do you see G&K in 2 years time?

JD – It’s amazing how much the right suit can transform a man, both in terms of his self-confidence and how he is perceived by those around him.

Forget having to trawl through the over-priced retail stores on the high street for something that almost fits. Forget the pushy salesmen with their false compliments. Forget men’s fashion as you know it.

We envision a world where every man can experience the unbeatable feeling of a custom-tailored suit, without breaking the bank, and without leaving his home or office.

If we get our way, every man will have access to his very own Personal Stylist, on-call to help him build a wardbrode of masterfully tailored made-to-measure & bespkoke suits and shirts that combine luxurious fabrics with personalised details to capture his individual character.

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TSM – Do you have any advise for young entrepreneurs?

JD – Fail fast. Keep trying. Don’t give up!


Wow thanks Joel that gives our readers a great insight into the business. As part of running TSM, we’ve seen a heck of a lot of suits, both good and bad. We’re blown away by the quality of G&K, and Joel is a stand up guy, and was really accommodating while we met with him.

Make no mistake this male will be that bit more stylish as I have no hesitation, my next suit will be a George and King. As blue is the new black, the biggest issue is working out, should I go with the ‘Sam Rothstein’ or the ‘Danny Ocean’.  I’m thinking the Sam Rothstein gets it by a nose.

If you’re after one of the best mens suits in the business, please contact the lads at G&K, I can guarantee you won’t be disappointed.