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Fashion Tips for Bigger Fellas

If you’re a bigger dude, you know it’s pretty much impossible to walk into, say, Hollister and find something to wear that won’t display your entire medical history. But just because you probably won’t be weekending in a slim fit striped pocket crew doesn’t mean you can’t look good. Follow these tips and the ladies will be looking for your number instead of your appendectomy scar.

Horizontal accents won't end up well in most cases

Horizontal accents won’t end up well in most cases

  • Keep it neat, top to bottom… It might be comfy to let that dress shirt flow like a poorly-pitched tent, but it’s not going to do your silhouette any favors. Tuck those shirts in, and always wear a belt to make a break between your tops and bottoms.
  • Get vertical… Up and down with those buttons, and a V-neck can create the impression of length instead of width.

plus sized mens clothing

  • Accentuate the positive… Highlight your slim, trim, fit spots with bright colors, and dim your dumpy spots with black and other dark colors. Don’t drop a bright purple sweater on that beer belly, unless you’re trying out for a Fruit of the Loom commercial.
  • Shell out for a tailor… It’s worth a few extra bucks to get your clothes fit to your frame. Go for a full break on your pants, and make sure your dress jacket doesn’t pull when it’s buttoned.
plus sized mens clothes

Tailored clothing is always important, never buy straight off the rack if you have the money. Invest in quality.

  • Go Goldilocks… Thick fabrics will only add to your heft. Thin materials will show off, well, what you don’t want to show off. A medium-weight, durable fabric is just right.
  • Is that a cell phone in your pocket, or… Don’t add any unnecessary width to your person. Keep the smart phones and wallets out of your pockets. A resist the temptation to hide under a bunch of layers, which will only make things worse.

It might take a little planning and good sartorial decision making, but even the big guys among us can turn heads with their wardrobes.