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Creed Aventus – Worth the hype and the money?

There really is no other fragrance on the market like it. The smell of Creed Aventus is definitely less unique than the hype. Aventus is without question, the most hyped mens fragrance on the market today. Why that would be is anyones guess. Some people say Creed created the controversy around the product themselves.

One things for sure is that Aventus is a massive seller for Creed. Its kind of a cult like product. It polarises fragrance buffs. Lovers passionately defend its status at the top of the compliment tree whilst haters say its overhyped, overpriced dishwater.

Aventus by creed

This stylish blogger happens to be in the first camp. I personally think its one of the most incredible fragrances on the market. When I first bought it I was a little miffed, and somewhat underwhelmed. I really have no idea why. I put it on my shelf and didn’t wear it for a while. But when I wore it a second time, I absolutely loved it!

I think its bollocks all the talk about batch inconsistency though. I think there might be issues where batches come out and get stronger over time (from my experiences), but I don’t think any batch is particularly better or worse or in fact different smelling than any other. Perhaps before the reform regulations came in, those batches might have been smokier or whatever, but since then I think they’re all pretty similar – and I’ve bought many many batches. One batch being smoky pineapple vs another being roasted pinapple with less smoke sounds like absolute crap to me, and I’ve never experienced it.

Creed_Aventus-AustraliaWhen I wear this cologne, people don’t say “oh you’re wearing that roasted pineapple batch today I prefer the other one”. People can tell you’re wearing Aventus, but they have no idea when you’re wearing one batch from another.

Most guys want to get to the punch and know, how does Aventus go with the ladies? Well, it is far and away my best compliment getter, hands down. I really don’t have anything else in my fragrance wardrobe like it. If I got say for example 10 compliments, 6 would be Aventus and 4 would be all other fragrances combined. It really is that good. I’ve had so many ladies say all manner of compliments to me. Ive even had guys I didn’t know ask what I was wearing.

Longevity is very good aswell. This frag really causes serious olfactory fatigue (your sense of smell gets used to the smell and you stop being able to smell it). At first I confused this with poor longevity. I once couldn’t smell it on me about lunch time, but at knock off time as I was walking out the door I had a lady comment about how good my aftershave smelt. And I’ve had that a few times. I was at a wedding that was stinking hot one day and about 10pm I had someone comment they could smell it on me. So it definitely hangs around, even if it might not seem like it.

Creed Aventus is expensive and many of you will wonder if the purchase is worth it. All I can say is that this would without question be my first choice of fragrance if I could only choose one. Its a must have without question.

Smell: 9

Longevity: 9

Versatility: 8

Sillage: 7

Compliments: 9

Price: 4

Overall: 8.5