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Carlton fans to choose next guernsey

Carlton has taken the unique marketing move by letting its fans decide what its home guernsey should be for season 2015 and beyond. Admittedly there is only two options, the modern day logo or the heritage style logo. And the difference between the two logo’s is quite subtle, but given the prominence smack bang on the middle of the guernsey, it is still pronounced when its that big.

At the time of this post, some social media outlets had the Heritage guernsey in from 75%-25% so it will be interesting if it stays that way.

Carlton Guernsey

We think its great that Carlton have engaged its fans and given them the opportunity to influence how the team looks running out onto the ground each week.

Nike is the current apparel supplier of Carlton F.C. If you are a Carlton member and want a vote, you can go to select our guernsey to cast your vote.