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“Carbon Flyer” video drone

For those that love toys that are reasonably impractical but just downright cool, then the yet to be released “Carbon Flyer” might be just the ticket for you.

This high tech flying machine is built entirely of Carbon Fibre –  the designers claim that it’s durable construction “surpasses any other remotely controlled plane”.

RC airplanes are subject to tremendous stresses, and a crash can destroy them at a moments notice. But not the Carbon Flyer. You see it looks more like a paper plane than a model airplane and therefore it is very lightweight.  In fact, it looks exactly like the planes we used to fold in primary school that could get massive distance if you made them right. The Delta wing design definitely gets my tick of approval!

Remote Controlled plane

It is controlled via bluetooth via an app on your phone, and it even has an onboard video camera.  The bluetooth range is said to be around about that of an oval which is a solid effort. Not sure where you’d need a bigger range for this type of toy.

The jet is powered by a swappable Li Pol battery which is a good concept that you can hot swap in the field when your battery runs low.

The technology in the steering is interesting. There are 2 x 7mm motors that power the unit. When you want to steer, power is reduced to one motor.

This project is crowd funded, so there are stretch goals to integrate things such as colour variations if the monetary total is high enough. The Carbon Flyer is due for delivery mid 2015

Check out the marketing vid below!