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Black Label Beard Company

When it comes to personal care products, one of the most important considerations for any stylish male is what chemicals are going on their face. It is super important that where possible you are using all natural ingredients. In fact, when the bearded wonders at TSM look for any personal care, we won’t pick it up if it doesn’t contain 100% natural ingredients. Fact.


So imagine our delight when we stumbled upon a company from Texas known as “The Black Label Beard Company.” Immediately one notices the nice clean website which is easy to navigate and generally free of propaganda and self-promotion. All natural ingredients and hand made in good ol’ Texas is a bonus.


It’s actually a great story how the organization got started. The owner had grown a lush beard but was concerned with the itching and resultant scratching. So he went on a mission of self-discovery to find the perfect solution. And through research and real world trial and error, the first Black Label Beard Co oil was born. Black Label are also a good corporate citizen, donating 5% of sales each month to disabled veterans. Great guys.  Below are some of our thoughts on their products we tested.


Beard Oils

Our bearded dude has two main requirements when choosing a beard oil. Firstly it must be all natural ingredients and it mustn’t be an overpowering scent. Its like any perfume really – a strong scent is very individual to anyone who smells it. For that reason we chose the baby powder beard oil and the cool mint beard oil.


Most of the ingredients are common as it makes the foundation of the oil, but both of these products produced a subtle, yet distinguishable scent that was pleasant and refreshing. We love this and it’s a great evening beard oil because it isn’t over powering and is great for wearing after a shower. The mint was really nice indeed!


Importantly, it worked as advertised, providing that soothing feeling that your skin craves. There’s no doubt that as far as beard oils that we’ve tried, the Black Label Beard Company produced a cracking product that is right up there. There a massive range of fragrances so there’s sure to be something for everyone.


Mustache Wax 

The Mustache Wax’s at BLBC are absolute crackers. Again, most importantly, the company is only using premium organic, natural ingredients. The importance of that cannot be overstated.


The beeswax in the mix ensures that the chosen style will be held all day, no questions asked and no need to keep squirreling off to the bathroom for a man manicure.


They key point with a Mustache Wax is the scent. This product is right under your nose – literally. With that in mind, cheap products often have rather offensive scents and you’ll often only use them once or twice.


Good thing the scents on the BLBC Wax’s are tried, tested and honed to perfection. The people that MAKE the Wax, USE the Wax – which means you get some amazing smells that you won’t necessarily find in commercial Mustache Wax’s.


One Mustache Wax that really stood out for us was the Bay Rum. Loved it, will be a staple for some time to come!



Beard Balm 


It’s really no secret that if you want to grow a significant beard, you need to maintain it so it doesn’t have flyaway’s and so the quality of the hair doesn’t deteriorate. Enter a good quality beard Balm. BLBC’s Beard Balms are superb combining oils that tend to the skin and follicles, and a wax, which helps to shape the beard into a well manicured mane.


There is quite a unique selection of scent’s to choose from so you’ll need to do your research to find the most appropriate one for you. Always best to buy a couple at a time so it’s “out of your hair” for a while before you need to worry about purchasing more again.



There’s no doubt that the products that Black Label Beard Company produce are exceptional. Once you try a couple, you’re bound to go back. The combination of high quality, natural ingredients coupled with an extensive range of fragrances means you’re sure to find the product that suits you. But lets be honest sometimes it’s not readily apparent if you will like it or not. Therein comes another differentiating factor – the guys at BLBC make the product, use the product, love the product and importantly, know the product. Shoot them an email and they will be delighted to talk all things beard.


The guys at Black Label Beard Company produced a great little video, which gives a down to earth tutorial on beard maintenance and health. Check it out!