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My best aftershaves for female compliments

Without any question one of the biggest tips I ever received when I became single was that I should improve my smell. At first I didn’t get what that statement meant, I always wore a deodorant, wore clean clothes, and showered twice a day. But it wasn’t a comment about personal hygiene, it was about the fragrance that became synonymous with, well, me.

At that moment I decided to embark on a quest of learning about fragrances and trying as many as I could. Its not rocket science, and I think there really are only 4 key points to consider. I don’t consider price because if the fragrance is good enough, I’ll buy it no matter what the price is. If its going to get me compliments from women, I will pay for it!

Key Factors in determining a great Fragrance:
  • The Smell – How The Fragrance is received by females
  • The Smell – How you like the fragrance
  • Longevity
  • Sillage

The above attributes have been covered to death in other posts so I’m really just stating the obvious. You do need all of the above to be solid though, no point having a great smell if it doesnt last or it becomes a skin scent in an hour. Equally, if you hate the smell but everyone else loves it, that probably isn’t going to work either.

What has worked for me?

From all my travels and all my investigation over the years, I’ve formulated what my top 5 are, that will always be in my kit bag. These cover a wide range of scenarios and should have you covered in any situation you find yourself in. I have absolutely 100% received unsolicited comments from each of these fragrances. And I’m not the kind of guy that will always get complimented – I don’t look like a supermodel, so that tells me the smell must be good….


Creed Aventus

This fragrance stands unparalleled for me. Aventus by Creed is just an incredible fragrance in so many ways. It has exceptional longevity, really good sillage, but most importantly, the smell is so incredibly well received by ladies.

Female compliments will happen if you wear this. I have had so many comments by people on how good I smell that I couldn’t even tell you how many I’ve had. Not just women, even men ask me what I’m wearing and where they can buy it.

I’ve had women tell me I smell incredible, amazing and sexy – and its always when I’m wearing Aventus. If I go out, I wear Aventus 100% of the time if I’m looking for a woman to notice me.

I wrote an Aventus Review  a while ago and I liked the product then but I love it now.

Its expensive but cost is all relative with fragrances. It lasts ages and you can’t put a price on how good this one is. I’d rate this 5/5 for female compliments, and I’ll never be without it.

Aventus is my number 1

Amouage – Jubilation XXV

A less well known fragrance that has always worked a treat for me is Jubilation by Amouage. This is probably not a scent for a hot summers day. Great on a cooler day or evening. Its a really spicy fragrance with incense notes.

While it may not be for everyone, I’ve always found that women love it and it is one of my most regularly complimented fragrances. It is a little bit of a risk though so I wouldn’t use it on a first date. Definitely try and get hold of a sample and give it a crack. I’m sure you’ll love it.

Jubilation XXV is a very spicy fragrance which is pleasant to the nose


Bond – The Scent of Peace for Him

I don’t particularly rate Bond as a company but they’ve produced a winner with SOPFH. Lots of people compare this one to Aventus but I really don’t see why. It doesnt seem to have the same longevity as Aventus, and I don’t think they smell anything alike.

One similarity is that they’re both bright, uplifting scents that women seem to enjoy. Its a great one to have after a shower, or in the morning before you go out. It would be a great office scent except it doesnt last long enough and its way too expensive.

Its got a real “tang” to the smell, like it would taste like fruit tingles do…..

This is a great scent, and gets lots of compliments. Its one of the safer aftershaves in this list so its a pretty safe blind buy. Sell it to me if you don’t like it….


Dior – Intense

This is a cracking scent. My favourite formal evening scent by far. This was actually the fragrance I first smelled when I embarked on my “smelling good quest”

Not sure if this is one you want at a club, but if it was a more relaxed setting for sure. Its also a cracker to have on a date. Its very strong so never use more than 2 sprays.

It has powdery , vanilla notes that are dominant. I did a small review of it here. Do not wear this on a scorching hot hight. It can become quite cloying if its too hot.

I’ve found that some women absolutely love this one and some don’t like it at all. Thats why a first date would be out for me, but after a few dates give it a go. Its very very intimate and powerful. Go in store and give it a try, I didn’t know what to think when I first tried it but I knew it was unique and I wanted to smell it again.

If you wear it for a women that does love this one, I expect you’ll know about it…..

Dior Homme Intense is an absolute cracker of a fragrance and it is perfect for a romantic evening.


Nautica Voyage

Probably one thats a little different for me is Nautica Voyage. This one is a very light, summery scent. And perhaps a little more unisex than the others I’ve highlighted.

This is also the cheapest scent in the list, I think I bought it for about $30 AUD. Less than a carton of beer.

Voyage does have a weakness though – its longevity I’d describe as average on my skin. Maybe 3 hours tops so it depends on what you’re doing if thats going to be long enough. You can always take a travel atomiser and give a few more sprays.

I’ve often used this as soon as I’ve had a shower and am spending time with my partner at home. Its just a nice unassuming scent.

That being said – it quite often gets me compliments, and when I wouldn’t necessarily think you would get one.

So go buy it, its cheap, and just put it on from time to time and see how you go


There is no such thing as a panty dropper of a fragrance. That doesnt exist. It comes down to a whole lot of things. Your attitude, your clothes, and how you hold yourself.

Fragrances are the last piece of the puzzle. And if you do start talking to a woman, and you have to talk closely into her ear, she is definitely going to smell what you’re wearing.

So my philosophy is that you need to make that moment count. Thats one moment you’ll never get back again. So make sure you don’t have shit breath and smell “generic”