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Adidas Ultra Boost Shoes

The men’s running shoe industry is highly competitive, but Adidas may have sprinted into the lead with their Adidas Ultra Boost Shoes. These sneaks provide everything a runner wants from their footwear: a lightweight feel, incredible comfort, and the sensation that the shoe is providing a little something extra to give them an edge.

The boost™ foam and mesh upper weighs in at a feathery 11 ounces (in a UK size 8.5).

The shoe’s upper is made of mesh for flexible, breathable comfort. But most brands offer a lightweight, mesh running shoe. However, the Adidas Ultra Boost is constructed of different types mesh at various locations, including Primeknit at the toes which stretches and flexes to adjust to the movements of the foot.

The midsole is supported by the legendary Adidas TORSION® SYSTEM, and is made of boost™ foam which keeps its form in even the coldest of weather situations.

Best of all, each of these elements, as well as the stretch web outsole, work in concert to adapt to every runner’s individual style. The shoe can bend and stretch from top to bottom and back to front to accommodate even the most unique footfall. There is even a cutout to allow free and natural movement for the Achilles Tendon.

But what about that extra edge? The boost™ foam and various mesh materials come together to create a shoe that returns energy from the ground step after step after step.   Never before has a lightweight shoe provided such a springy response to a runner’s step.

The Ultra Boost is new in 2015 and has been in stores since February. You can expect to pay in the neighborhood of $200 for this shoe, but the investment will be worth every penny for the serious runner.

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