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Add frozen Pineapple to your juices

From starting juicing I’ve found out that lots of the ingredients that I like quickly come in and go out of season.  That can be really annoying when you are making a smoothie and the ingredients are either impossible to get, or crap quality and really expensive.  I’ve discovered that it doesn’t need to be like that however. Recently from getting into juicing to get extra nutrients in my diet due to all the exercise I’m doing, I discovered fresh isn’t always best.

2 of my staples in my post cardio smoothie are pineapple and passionfruit. At the time of writing the above post, it didn’t contain pineapple, but I’ve added a little. I just love the crushed up passionfruit seeds and the sweetness of the passionfruit but they sell in Australia for about $1.50 most of the year which is insane. I’ve planted a passionfruit vine but that doesn’t help in the short term. Same with Pineapples, sometimes they’re nearly $5 each which is just insane.

So the solution I’ve come across is to buy up big in season and freeze as much as I can to carry me through when the price is high and the fruit is imported from some bizarre place because its not in season here.  I do a really simple method which is super convenient and allows you to measure your dosage in your smoothies.

Basically the first thing you do is to cut the tough outer skin off the Pineapple until its just the delicious yellow flesh thats left. Next, you should cut it it up into manageable chunks and get rid of the hard core.



From there, slice up the pineapple finely and then proceed to chop the flesh up as finely as you can. Just keep chopping until the Pineapple is a mush. Thats the way you want it to be, as finely chopped as you can make it.



Now the hard part is done! Try to make sure you don’t let the juice run everywhere, you want to keep the juice as much as possible. Next thing to do is get an ice block freezer tray and start scraping the Pineapple and the juice into the ice block trays. tip some of the juice in each of the compartments to help bind it together.



Once the tray is full, put it in the freezer to let it freeze! Once nicely frozen, you can then get zip lock bags and transfer all the fruit into them where it will keep for ages. 1 Pineapple netted me nearly 3 trays worth. Its so simple and makes such a convenient way to ensure you’re getting high quality fruit all year round.

Note – For Passionfruit, use the exact same method, but take the pulp out with a spoon and just spoon it into the trays.