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The 5 top grooming tips for the Stylish Male – from Women

When men get themselves ready for a date, quite often they do it from the perspective of  what they think is appropriate – what they think a woman might like. However this quite often  is not the reality. Recently a group of models in Britain was asked for their tips for men on what to focus on when going for a date. Here is the results!


Bad Smell

This one is an absolute no brainer. An “offensive” smell is one of the quickest ways to turn off a woman and get her out of the mood.


Smelly manIt is inconceivable that The Stylish Male would go out on the town or on a date smelling like they hadn’t had a shower in days. Its obvious to any man that has ever been in a relationship – women like a fresh smelling man. Body odor is not a known aphrodisiac.

If you are the type of guy who stuggles to hold a nice aftershave smell for more than an hour or so, a good tip is to buy small travel vials. Put your favourite fragrance in it, keep it in your pocket, and reapply as necessary (it takes up stuff all space, you wont even notice it)



Good manners costs nothing. If you plan to spend any length of time with a lady that you are attempting to woo, then you must treat her like a lady. Being a macho douche may get you laid a few times, but no self respecting woman will stay with you if you act like a tool because it makes you feel good.

good mannersA bit of chivalry goes a very long way. Being polite, saying please and thank you, opening doors. These things are the basics. But its a very simple way to make a lady feel that she is valued, and that is crucial. If she doesnt feel valued, she wont feel connected to you.



Becoming complacent is not unusual in relationships. However complacency with indulgences such as too much booze, gambling and smoking, is a huge turn off to most women. If your lady gets home from work and every night you’re on the couch with your favourite flanny and ice cold beer – it aint gonna be pretty.


Dont wind up like Norm

The age old tip “Everything in moderation”. If you cant moderate your indulgences, it speaks volumes about your self control – or lack of it. A lady will see this as a weakness. A truly Stylish Male is always on top of his game – sure we all have lapses, but he does not let himself or his self respect desert him.



If you’re ever keen to start a thumping argument with your partner, let her catch you perving on other women. This is truly poor form and a cardinal sin.

Man perving on womanThis cuts at the heart of all women’s self confidence, that their man fancy’s another women instead of her, and that he can’t be trusted. Although men know this isnt necessarily the case, as they say, women are from Venus.

If you are the type of guy that just cant help himself, at least have the self respect to not do it obviously and let your lady see you do it. It doesnt get forgotten. Keep it in your pants son.


A shitbox of a car

A surprising addition to the list, but quite an obvious one really – one thing women really really hate is when they’re driven around in a bomb. This Stylish Male wasn’t always that way and learnt some lessons when he went to pick up his new partner in a crappy car. I didnt get the chance to look for a new car because I had to find a new woman first!

pregnant-woman-pushing-carA woman wont want to be seen in it, she’ll be embarrassed, and she’ll be mortified if any of her friends see her. It will not be the dream date if you rock up in your Datsun 180B.


So there you have it, a bunch of well informed ladies have opened their minds and told us what most certainly does not do it for them. Ignore these 5 pearls of wisdom at your absolute peril sirs!