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Style Tips for the Conscious Man

When it comes to fashion and style, few men are searching for the latest trends during Fashion Week. To the contrary, it is not necessary to know what is trending in Milan, Paris, or London to stay confidently styled. There are quite a few ways that men can update their look with a minimal effort and for far less than any fashion labels presenting on the runways in New York. The following tips can give you a fashion edge in no time.

Loosen It or Lose It

Simply by allowing some air to run through your shirt, you can dramatically alter your look. If you’re going to wear a tie, remember to leave the second to last button near the top open. All it takes is one second to look a bit less uptight and a lot more cool and casual.

Shine Those Shoes

If you’re going to invest money on good shoes, then take care of them properly with a shoe shine periodically. This is one aspect of dressing that many men overlook. Shining your shoes not only gives them that glow that only a fresh polish can, but they also give your shoes a new – and longer- life.

86 the Mix & Match

Contrary to what the hipsters are wearing on the streets sometimes these days, mixing and matching your belts and shoes is not sartorially wise. When it comes to certain classic rules, this one is a non-negotiable: match that belt and shoes. And note that when it comes to belts, it is not necessary to have a slew of belts. Owning three or four high-quality belts made from leather works with nearly all types of clothing and last forever.


Bye Bye, Undershirt

It’s not the 50s anymore and we are in a new millennium. That means that crisp, white undershirt you’ve been wearing underneath your dress shirt can go the way of the dinosaur. Not only is it not necessary, but adds noting to your overall look. Ditch it and immediately update your look.


The most important style tip we can offer? Dress within the constraints of your own confidence. If you look and feel authentic, that’s all that matters when it comes to personal style.